True Elite Business Services Pty Ltd was established by Mr. Kam Leong Chan (Shin) on 1st October 2010.

The firm's mission statement is :

Our firm works on the basic principles of a firm's existence being integrity, honesty, and quality assurance. Our firm's main principle is "Your Business Is Our Business" indicating that we would look at your business on the basis of it being our own business and ensure that we would produce the best outcome for our/your business and at a reasonable rate.

Our other goal is also to ensure that we provide the best outcome to you in terms of business decisions and also providing the best business structure and being tax effective at the same time. Our firm is known for our quality of service within our client network and is constantly dealing with various businesses and individuals from different industries.

Our main expertise lies within individual clients and business clients where we not only provide effective taxation advice but also the reconstructing of businesses especially in terms of cost management and cash flow management. Our firm also expertise in providing full accountancy service including the bookkeeping of clients in order to minimize their internal accounting labour cost. It is important to note that if the bookkeeping, being the lowest cost is done incorrectly, this would result in a larger accountancy fees for clients as accountancy work are considered high-end tasks and is required to be performed to re-adjust the accounts.

True Elite Business Service will definitely not acclaimed ourselves as being the cheapest in the market but rather focusing on providing a "value-for-money" services via providing relevant and effective business and taxation advise which results in a larger than average tax savings as per comments from our clients. Other than focusing on the concept of "value-for-money", our firm's policy is also to ensure that most importantly our clients are well taken care off and ensuring that our clients would have a "peace of mind" knowing that they are being attended by not only a qualified tax agent but also a qualified accountant under the well-known association CPA Australia.